How jfk used diction and syntax in his inaugural address

5 Speechwriting Lessons from Obama’s Inaugural Speech

The state may be given up as lost. Yes, you, my fellow Americans, have forced the spring. He draws the example of saying if a society who, like the U.

We remain a young nation. This shows how he is addressing a diverse group of people. Others speculate the core phrasing came from an Oliver Wendell Holmes speech; but Kennedy, an avid reader since childhood and drawn to political philosophy all his life, didn't need to copy anyone else's words.

The varying sentence length helps keep the listeners attention. The snow was stained with blood. Through the rhetorical strategies of repetition, placing himself as an insider among the audience, and playing upon the emotions of his listeners, Kennedy was able to establish himself as not only a powerful force in the States, but internationally as well.

This thought had been with him a long time, all the way back, at least, towhen he jotted in a notebook a quote from Rousseau: Yes, asunder, foe, writ and forbears seem like archaic language. Not only those who stand before him, listening to his speech, but also those people who happen to hear him in different parts of the world, both allies and enemies.

It is man who created nuclear weapons in their quest to increase scientific knowledge. We go forward with complete confidence in the eventual triumph of freedom. It was a metaphor for moving forward, and pointing the economy in the right direction, and reducing national debt.

He uses an expression of goodwill to let the audience know that they are in good hands. In three sentences throughout the speech, Kennedy unpacked this belief. Andrew is a father and husband who resides in British Columbia, Canada. To really draw his point in and completely receive the favor of the U.

JFK’s Religion as Reflected in His Inaugural Address

And all this we will do. When addressing the rest of the world, however, he uses imperative sentences. How do words like freedom, poverty, devotion, loyalty and sacrifice set the tone of the speech?

In this speech, Kennedy aims to accomplish two main objectives: For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forebears prescribed nearly a century and three quarters ago. Through a combined effort, our country will be able to change the world for the better, as a nation of united peoples is much stronger than a nation of disconnected peoples.

Kennedy asks these nations just how far they will go before the power of science destroys them and us. Kennedy administrated the New Frontier in outer space, saved the world from a thermonuclear war by signing the Nuclear Test Ban Theory, and sign the Peace Corps to promote world peace and friendship.Sep 12,  · That particular time () marked a turning point in history because a new younger generation of Americans was taking over who had fought WWII, knew about the Cold War and nuclear weapons and was ready to move the country forward, make it better and lead the Resolved.

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President Barack Obama's first inauguration speech: Full text

F. K.’s Inaugural Address: After { January 18, @ am } · { Revision } In his Inaugural Address, John F. Kennedy is attempting to reach Americans and the rest of the world and motivate them to fight for liberty, progress, and the ending of the Cold War.

What rhetorical devices and purposes are in JFK'S inaugural speech? Are there similies in John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address, and what are examples? Kennedy also uses flattering language.

JFK’s Inaugural Address AP Language and Composition Directions: Read / listen to the following, analyze for rhetorical situation / context and appeals style—diction and syntax.

John F. Kennedy presented his inaugural address on the Capitols West Front immediately after taking the presidential oath of office. Hundreds of Americans stood in front of John F. Kennedy at the capitol, while even more people watched on their televisions and listened in on the radio (Simkin).

Abstract: John F.

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Kennedy’s Inaugural Address is frequently praised as one of the greatest speeches in American public address, but the speech also set the tone for Kennedy's foreign policy plan.

How jfk used diction and syntax in his inaugural address
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